FireBird Replication Engine

When Borland released Interbase to the open source community, they released a really good database, but they missed several things out. The FireBird project was formed to pick up the pieces, and turn Interbase into a fully fledged open source contender. One of the parts of Interbase that was not released was its replication engine. This is available commercially as a separate package, and works with FireBird, but does not have the advantages of an open source project.

FiBRE is designed to fill that gap. It is not based on the original replication tool (I have never used it). It is based on ideas from the document Data Replication With Interbase, and the SyncML project, both of which are openly available, and experience from developing replication for the VivaNet 1 project. Of course, it also has some new ideas of its own.

Project Status

The project is currently in the early beta stage of implimentation. You can download the latest version here. There is a HowTo document here explaining how to use it.

Source code is available from CVS on the sourceforge pages. For MS Windows users, I reccomend TortoiseCVS as the easiest to understand CVS client. Please subscribe to the announcements list to be kept up to date. Post your comments on the discussion list, found on the sourceforge project pages. Currently, funding has been granted from Viva Network to develop the project for their VivaNet database.

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